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Reach Sportsmen.
With a brand Sportsmen trust.
We're the largest outdoor media company in the Midwest, with more solutions to help you grow your business.
Custom solutions to reach your target.

Outdoor News reaches more sportsmen in the Great Lakes States
than any other outdoor media.  Period.
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Jeff DuBuigne, Owner,
Al's Goldfish Lure Co.

Your marketing efforts bring new customers each year, price point is great, and the magazine is packed with quality writing and relevant information.


John Hubener, Sales & Fundraising Manager, USA Clay Target League

The articles help me connect to a segment of society that I can relate to. A segment that likes things similar to what I enjoy.


John Mazurkiewicz, Owner, Catalyst Marketing

you keep it local -- and let's face it - you used to be able to read relevant, current local/area info in daily newspaper - Outdoor News has replaced that for most

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